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Frank McCarthy was born in 1951, in Dublin, Ireland. His

schooling finished as quickly as it started, in 1964, aged 13.


In 1994, he married Sinead Rogers, a designer from the

West of Ireland. Sinead had success of her own: a wedding designer, she owned The Bridal Gallery, Dublin and produced a creation for one of the American Kennedy family.


Frank has three children: Rob 30, Meg 13, and Amy 12,

all of whom currently are living in Dublin.


Frank enjoys a weekly game of golf, and holidaying in

his two favourite countries: the USA and France. He also,

if he is honest, likes getting embroiled in discussions on

anything and everything.


His favourite quote is: “Fear knocked on my door. Faith

answered and there was no one there”.


His first business venture was Professional Contract

Services in 1978. He was then only 27 years old.

Professional Mat Rentals was set up in 1984 and sold in

1989. Fifth Avenue Food Company was set up in 1988 and sold 1994.


Professional Contract Services operated in England and

Ireland. Between the two countries, it employed around

2,500 people. The Irish company was sold in 2008; the

English one in 2009.

Meet The McCarthys

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