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It's Never About The Money

  • Inside each of us are two dogs, the Junkyard Dog and the Poodle, the positive and the negative. Whichever one we feed grows and strengthens, it  takes charge of our lives. As with anything in life, the one we practice most we perfect.




  • Don’t be a follower. Get involved. Be a player not a spectator. The simple fact of the matter is, if you mix with non-doers or non-achievers, you will struggle. They will pull and drag you down. Mix with successful hard-workers and you give yourself the best chance to succeed. Believing you are entitled to it will not cut it.




  • There is no wrong way so long as the decision is your own. Independence from answering to an employer, independence from the State, independence from redundancy, independence from the mistakes of others, independence with freedom of mind,  your OWN mind. The greatest gift a parent can give their offspring is their freedom, if you have not been given yours yet; go and ask for it and do it now

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