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There is no doubt that Frank is an entrepreneur. From the age of eight, he was selling bundles of sticks for firelighters by collecting old wood from building sites. This commercial initiative, as he says in this book, has been successfully replicated in different forms throughout his business life. It’s Never About the Money is the accumulation of the knowledge that he learnt from working in the British Leyland assembly plant, to being one of Ireland’s first photocopier salesmen, to establishing his building services business.

It demonstrates why he is such a natural entrepreneur, with a gift for recognising opportunities in the fast-moving world we live in now.


~Dermot F Desmond

We all recall that first bicycle ride, especially the falling off part! But the determination to get back on the bike with bruised knee and battered ego is what matters most. Then there is the exhilaration of the wind blowing in your face as you freewheel down the road, having got back on the saddle. The road of life is no different. I hope many young women and men interested in business read It’s Never About The Money.

They will learn so much.

It’s a great read and I hope you enjoy it.


~Denis O'Brien

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